Mentholatum China, the main production including natural plant lip balm, assorted fruit flavor lipstick, mint lipstick, man skincare series and other products to meet the needs of different consumers at home and abroad.
Before the use of the laser system to identify products, the traditional inkjet marking has a fatal flaw. The lip balm is very special, very dense and oily, and the ink does not stick to the product. In the course of transportation, the product's friction and other pollution will cause the product code to be missing due to the shaving phenomenon. Such defective products in the market will bring great loss due to recalling, thus damage the company’s reputation. To improve the situation, Mentholatum has adopted a brand new marking solution designed by MingYu. It is the  MY/F-6000 series laser marking machines for permanent identification on the surface of the product. Mentholatum is very satisfied with MingYu’s solution in the man cleansing product marking and ordered another two sets for their lipstick project.

L'Oreal is one of the most famous and oldest cosmetics brand. Their main production are in hair care, makeup and skin care products. Its superior quality has been favored by beautiful women. Its products range from world renowned brands like Lancome, Vichy, and Biotherm.

L'Oreal wants to mark its product in a new way. This special application needs to be marked at the bottom of the bottle. Due to the different product packaging materials, L'Oreal has chosen the MY/F-6020 SHS and MY/C-3030 SHS models to meet their production requirements.


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