UBS thermal inkjet printer -TIJ - TJX series


Advanced printer heads and excellent design can quickly and easily integrate TJX products into any production line.


The UBS TJX printer series uses a unique Cartridge protection function to print on the most complex production lines. Extreme electronic structure design allows real-time printing at very high speeds and capacities. Fixed and variable information can be created and controlled during printing.

TJX series control unit, the operation interface is simple and clear, display status, message name, number and ink cartridge.


Because of its versatility, TJX printers can be connected to any device (such as PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.) via Ethernet, USB, Bluetooth, and I / O.


UBS technical inks for thermal inkjet are developed for printing on porous and non-porous surfaces, such as glass, plastic materials, treated substrates, paper, cartons, wood and metals.


TJX series products are mainly used in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and automotive industries. Ink cartridges manufactured by UBS have passed strict internal quality control and can be tracked at each stage of use. UBS Designer < software has a simple WYSIWYG graphical interface for creating and editing messages with multiple options, just a few clicks to create and print text, images, logos.



Performance characteristics technical parameter Sample display Document download

U is suitable for any production line.


U clean technology is excellent, no leakage, no solvent or heavy odor.


U each cartridge has a new print head.


U installation is fast and simple.


U interface is simple and clear.


U print speed up to 180 m / min.


You can print on any surface.


U can connect with any mobile device (smart phone, tablet PC, PC) and other devices.


Compact print module and control unit


U label design software UBSDesigner, Lite and UBSDesigner Pro


Power input 110V / 240V I 50-60Hz I 10W


The temperature is 5 degrees C to 50 degrees C (41 degrees C to 122 degrees C).


Humidity 5% - 85%, no condensation.




Ink Type Waterborne Ink, MIX Sharp Marker, Water Pigment Gloss, Alcohol Acetone Porous


The colors are black, red, blue, green, yellow and so on.


Capacity TJX print head 42 ml (capacity depends on ink type)


Print module


Print height up to 12.7 mm


Printing speed up to 180 m / min.


Size printer (130x26x104 mm), controller (120x31x120 mm) 130x26x10 mm)


Resolution (vertical / horizontal) 300 dpi / up to 600 DPI (depending on speed and type of ink).


Printing capacity can be as high as 5 print output per second.


The maximum print distance is 5 mm (depending on speed and type of ink).


Bar code GS1-128, GS1-DATAMATRIX, EAN-UCC 13, PHARMACODE, etc.


Fixed or variable text (date, counter, batch number, formula, etc.) flags, images


Print direction 90 degrees, side and top printing.


Accessories external encoder kit, lighting and sound alarm.


Control unit function


Display 1,7 "screen, display printer status view"


Port 1 USB x 1 RJ45, Bluetooth and WiFi (optional)


Information Designer UBSDesigner Software


Connect Ethernet USB wireless network (optional)